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The Youth, The One That Should Move

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She was young, educated, and gave an impact on society. She empowered women through education and changed our history forever. Who doesn’t know her? Yes! She is Kartini. Well known for her prominent letter “Door Duisternis Tot Licht” or “Habis Gelap Terbitlah terang” As a young woman who had the privilege, Kartini used it to empower society. She realized that in order to develop, we couldn’t leave half of the society behind.

But it is sad to know how her story came to an end. She deserves more. But, from her we learned that the fight against oppression may not be won, yet, we knew that fighting is never wrong.

Happy International Youth Day 2021, young people! Every year on the 12th of August we celebrate International Youth Day to celebrate the potential of youth as active partners in the global society. As youth, we have to be the agent of change like Kartini did. We should see figures like her as a role models because the future of our country is in our hands. And what an amazing moment that 5 days after the International Youth Day, we will celebrate our Independence Day of Indonesia which is a good time to reflect and set a resolution on what we have done for our country as young people so far.

Some of our team in Act Global shared their views about what being young means to them. The majority of them said that being young means we are still more free and do not have so many responsibilities. With this freedom, we don’t need to take as much consideration to make decisions as our parents do. We still have time to learn, fail, and try again. Just like a quote from Dahlan Iskan:

“Everyone has failed attempt. You have to spend a lot of your failed attempts when you are young.”

We are proud to mention that most of our team is also concerned with being agents of change and giving impact to society. It can be as small as possible and cost-free like spreading awareness on things that you are passionate and concerned about.

In a world that lays in our hands, it is the youth that should move and It is the youth that could improve.

That is why, one of Act Global’s missions is to create a space for empowering the youth. We come to the conclusion that young people could improve their life by having a chance to access a global education, talk with people from different cultures, and be exposed to new positive learning experiences.

Act Global’s believes that by supporting the development of global citizens, we can foster a more peaceful, sustainable, and prosperous world.

And in the excitement of this Youth International Day celebration, here is a video of Act Global volunteers being asked about youth. check it out!!!


Written by: Nevy Pangestika and Harun Arrasyid


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