There we go, I’m 30! Big gift ahead!

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Denpasar, Bali, November (Julien Goalabré)

Mapping Solidarity on the go

November has sure been the month of more concrete things to happen. Assisted by my teammates, I created the form that will be used to map the NGO’s we will find. Hopefully we will be able te create a good database full of great partners. The objective? Mutualizing resources so the resources are mutualized in a world where there are quite rare.


TrashStock ! Artistik Tanpa Plastik

There we are: the personal project. Building up on my logistics background and previous fundraising “Zombie Music Festival” organized in Australia, my personal project will be a music festival with the aim to raise more awareness about the plastic issue in Bali.

I called that one “TrashStock” as we talk about….trash and in reference to Woodstock and its fighting spirit against the Vietnam war. And for “Artistik Tanpa Plastik”, it is the bahasa translation for “artistic without plastic”.

The full project would involve other NGO’s fighting that same issue to present their work, social businesses recycling trash as well as arts and crafts to be sold through a silent auction.

It is quite an ambitious project and on top of organizational issues, funding will be a tremendous challenge, but let’s do it! Hopefully people will be willing to help as well.

Have a look at the proposal here! And if you have any ideas and skills to share, please do! And trust me that even if you are not in Bali you can help.

On the sweet side of life

I also turned 30 so that was a great occasion to do a weekly party. It started in Gili Island where a friend of mine owns a villa and where we stayed for free. Snorkelling with the turtles was just magical


It continued with a big party at the office, generously offered by Act Global. Large screen with video projector showing music clips, lots of food and my speciality, the “Pastéquila”. In other words a watermelon whom pulp has been mixed with melon juice and…tequila.


As A reward for being a good boy for 30 years (……), I purchased myself a nice loud gift too. A custom bike! Not sure that my neighbours like it but since I need to stand their roosters and dogs we break even 🙂 I called her “jessica” (long story)


I have also been invited by my Balinese “brother” who I’ve met last year (the story here) to his wedding. Great honour as it was a family event. It seems quite common to be sort of adopted by an Indonesian family and I’m really happy that it happened to me. I had the possibility to enjoy my hobby as I was the official photographer.

Married !

When I posted this picture fo me and the bride n my FB profile, most people did not thead the comment saying that I was at my “friends wedding”, so lots of people actually though she was either my girlfriend of my wife Power of pictures! So I’m thinking to send it to my mum for christmas “Hey, I have a news for you ! I am married and bought a motorbike” (all mums hate two wheels)


Check all the pictures on my photography page !