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Time Feels Like It’s Flying By

EVS Volunteer

Italy, December 2018 (Indah Setiya Alam)

Just like yesterday I came to Italy, but in fact I have been living in Italy for 2 months. Hmmm the time passed so quickly. In the beginning of November, I attended the On-Arrival Training held by Erasmus+. The training was held in Nola for about a week. And of course, I met volunteers from various countries spread throughout Italy. During the training, we discussed a lot about volunteering, our rights and obligations as volunteers, what is a Youthpass, how to solve problems, and much more.

We also got Italian classes every day. The program was very good and interactive. At first I thought I’d be bored, but in fact, not at all. At the end of the event, we were also told to write down our hopes for the next 4 months. They will send to each participant after 4 months, whether our expectations are achieved or not. I got many memorable things, like new friends, a new mindset, and a bonus for me because I was able to save money and I could walk around Naples for free and not to go for shopping to buy food for a week.

At the Associazione Interculturale Universo, they received many volunteers. Many volunteers come and go every month, even every week. Because of that, I can get to know more friends from here. I saw the other volunteers in the early weeks of their time, they felt confused about what they should do (I thought it only happened to me, but it also happened to others). That’s normal. Two months with them, I began to study to become a professional person at work. We blend in with each other even though we are different countries. I started to find close friends, where we often exchanged stories with each other.

Besides the Associazione Interculturale Universo, I also have another project with Scambieuropei (Hosting Organization) which will be held in December.

The weather in November is getting cold, sometimes I buy hot chocolate at the Christmas Market near the Office of my organization. Indeed, the Christmas atmosphere has begun to be felt in this month. The Christmas tree that rises high in the center of the city, plus the Christmas lights installed in buildings makes Bologna even more beautiful at the night.

It didn’t feel like I had been here for two months, which meant there were still five more months. I hope time can compromise, so that time does not pass quickly. Slowly I began to learn how to fully serve without feeling overwhelming myself.

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