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Training Course

Birmingham, United Kingdom, 16-19 April 2013 ()

The aim of this training course was to teach participants how to be advocates for international youth work, and how to develop a structured event that will showcase this.


This was a 4-day training course that tool place in Birmingham. The aim of the course was to teach participants on how to be advocates for international youth work and create a network of British Council “Champions”. The course brought together participants of the 4 nations of the UK and discussed some of the best practises in international youth work, as well as exploring how youth work policy had developed in the national of the UK over past 50 years.

All the “Champions” at this course had a lot of experience in the Youth in Action Programme as well as other international youth work activities, by bringing them together the course wanted to gain a common understanding about what is good practice in this area. The participants gave presentations and showed some of the excellent work they had been doing around exchanges, volunteering and seminars. The course also provided a good opportunity for partner building and future project collaboration.

The course concluded with participants agreeing to make “Champions” event in their region and that they would be supported by one of the trainers as a mentor. Participants would also have the chance to contribute to a best practice document about International youth work which will be produced by the British Council.

Funded by: The Youth In Action Programme, administered by the British Council.


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