TrashStock – Purpose Art & Music Festival


Denpasar, June 2015 (Julien Goalabré)

TrashStock “Musik – Artistik – Plastik”​ has been 8 months of work (read here ) and now, Stage 1 “festival” is done! I don’t think that I’m settled yet about all that, now that the auto-pilot “get it done” is switched to “gratefulness” setup.


The feedback received is that everyone had a great time and, in that regards, it’s a big success. So many people have said that they really enjoyed the festival and those who did not come also reported that they heard a lot of good things. The whole festival turned into something that reached a level that goes beyond my biggest expectations (which are usually pretty high) and the amazing sense of achievement that I feel is shared by many in the team that made it happen.DSC_0560

“There is a good energy here” was a regular comment at the festival. Not such an easy task considering the mooring of a little girl had been found a few hundred meters from our venue. Hopefully we helped her soul to witness that love and happiness was still strong in this world. “I feel so much gratefulness in this event. Everyone is thanking everyone else” also reported Faiza, one of MC’s.  And when a humble leader of “plastic to Art” movement says “We are making history”, you know that you have achieved something of significant importance.DSC_0224

I landed in Bali 9 months ago with that TrashStock idea, thanks to the Mapping Solidarity project hosted by Act Global.  Putting up a festival in such a short time was not an easy thing. This sure would have not been possible without my best friend Hendra. My lack of bahasa language skills and knowledge of local practices would have stopped lots to happen. We met 3 years ago in Australia and there we are: TrashStock is done! So this is also a friendship story and in that regards, this is a personal success.


Few years ago, in the middle of a career change hard process, I did a “purpose” test on a reputable website “Bring Purpose to Your Work”, and the result was one of those “it fits totally”.

My Purpose

Purpose, also called “dharma” in Balinese Hindu philosophy, is a big thing in my life and I feel much fulfilled as I consider that I have achieved lots of mine.  It would take too long to detail how much the dots of the diagrams have been matched with TrashStock, but in one sentence, this project has helped me to help the Balinese society and local communities with an affordable event that participates to solve a tough challenge.

There has been a lot of solidarity to get this idea off the ground, with many people donating their time, talents or skills to make it happen. All the musicians and artists were volunteering their time. Some on the rise, and some famous local talents!


Further collaboration between businesses, NGOs and artists has been discussed during the event, and I can tell you that some more are on the way!

Also, thanks to a multi-stream funding strategy, we managed to make some profits. This is extremely rare for festivals to even have a balanced accounting for the first year. So we will be able to give some profits to the Manik Bumi foundation, to fund plastic education project, and to save a bit for… year event!

All the pictures of the event can be looked at here :

Day 1:

Day 2 :

We can be happy of the success in terms of impact at several other levels :

* Press coverage : the media coverage of the event was really amazing. The local media covered the event very well, and we even made it to the front page of the English language magazine “Jakarta Post”, which I have the pleasure to share the link to you :

* Artists connections: A lot of artists have met each other, discovered new ways to make art with plastic and much more!


* Musician creation : some musicians created songs for TrashStock about plastic! Before playing the song, they will speak about the trash issue of Bali. There is also an idea in the air to make a TrashStock album.

* Youth inspiration: we have for sure inspired many youth and kids ! But for now one of the example we can share is that one of our volunteer will join, a NGO who promotes eco-literacy. She has also been offered a marketing position for a company that sells compostable straws, food boxes and “not plastic” bags.

* Trashstock travelling! Our artwork has been displayed on Sunday 28th at a famous local band new album launch, and we will exhibit it at big music event end of augustDSC_1363

* Plastic Art gallery: there are plans to setup a gallery, artists houses, workshops and organic garden . 2017 seems like the target.

* Official support: tDSC_0460he mayor of Denpasar  supported the even financially and personally, by coming to the event!

Our aim was to get the officials attention WITH the festival buzz, but we reached that goal even before.

This is very big.





Then, the work is still going and I’m looking forward for Stage 2 of TrashStock, which is putting together the interviews of local artists and musicians with concert footage. Then tour the island with the documentary, plastic artwork and hopefully musicians.

TrashStock Matrix_02