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Virtual Learning Program: Job Opportunity as a UI/UX Designer

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Act Global hosted a learning workshop on September 3rd to introduce UI/UX Designer to the younger generation. Gede Rama Pradana Suharma Yuda Putra, also known as Rama, is the CEO and CO-Founder of PT Sarana Digital Solusindo and was in charge of this initiative.

Additionally, he works with PT Alpha Omega Teknologi as a UI/UX designer. His specialities include UI/UX web design, social media content, brand identity, SEO optimizer, and project leadership. He is an IT undergraduate from STIMIK PRIMAKARA. He started working in UI/UX web design in 2019, but he had a variety of programming and visual design experiences before that.

You must have been curious about UI/UX Designer. What exactly is a UI/UX Designer? Is it difficult to study UI/UX Designer? UI design is an abbreviation for “User Interface.” The user interface of an application is its graphical layout, whereas UX design stands for “User Experience.” User experience design is a human-centered approach to product development.

So, when asked how difficult it is to learn UI/UX Designer, Rama said, “It Depends.” As though he was saying that his initial experience was not difficult to learn or difficult to execute. And how about a position in UI/UX Design? Rama clarified that UI/UX is more than just design. He stated that if we discussed career opportunities, UI is more towards design, but UX is not about design. There are several types of work such as design, research, engineer, copywriter, and so on in UX.

Is it feasible? If you have no experience or a strong interest in design but want to learn more about UX? Well, many forms of job might assist you in gaining experience while studying. Rama mentioned that if you enjoy data analysis and counting, you may become a UX researcher. UX research will teach you more about the demands of users, and you will have to test your work with them before it is utilized. It is more about analysis than design, so you won’t need fundamental design skills, but if you want to write, you may become a UX copywriter.

As a copywriter, you must be able to make writing engaging enough for consumers to buy a product or join a program. Furthermore, if you are familiar with code development, you may work as a UX Engineer. The essential idea is that if you lack design talent or expertise but want to work in UI/UX, you may still become a UX researcher, copywriter, or engineer.

All you need as a novice in UI/UX is study and knowledge of your own abilities. If you don’t know anything about design but enjoy working as a data analyst, you can work in UX research. Nonetheless, Rama stated that at the beginning, you must prepare, such as by creating a portfolio. So, what’s in the portfolio? You can discuss your work as a designer or researcher in your portfolio.

If it is about design, you can attempt to create a sample of your design before beginning work, but if it is about research, you can try to test the project in a market such as an online market, which will be a fantastic step for your career as a beginner UI/UX designer.

Is it feasible to work as a UI/UX designer if you don’t have any background in design, programming, or website design? Yes, the answer is yes. You may still be able to work as a UI/UX designer. Rama stated that anyone can work as a UI/UX designer; there are no rules. Perhaps if the requirement requires an IT programmer or people who have a basic on designer and programming, but you don’t need to be concerned if you are not a designer or IT programmer; you still have a chance, but you must have an interesting portfolio that can prove that you have experience in UI/UX so you can be hired by the users or client. If you don’t have any experience portfolio, you might try to study UI/UX by yourself at first by enrolling in a course on Coursera or any course in Indonesia, which would motivate you to be persistent in filling your portfolio.

Similarly, if you just have one or two portfolios, you might attempt to be an intern, so you are not directly involved in the professional project, but you can still learn from the team’s expertise. As a beginner, you must learn step by step by collecting various portfolios and gaining experience before attempting a large project.

There are various resources available to assist you in learning about UI/UX designers. Rama has expressed some reservations about it.

  1. UX design : linkedin interaction design foundation
  2. UX researcher : Neutron Norman Group
  3. Coursera

So, what are you holding out for? If you’re genuinely interested in becoming a UI/UX designer, let’s give it a shot; you’ll never know unless you try!


Written by : Anna Mesia
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