Volunteering: Bali

Bali – Indonesia

Bali, also known as the Land of the Gods, is truly a unique culture that exudes peace and serenity. It is a sublimely sacred place where daily practices of Hinduism can be seen around every corner. A small island between the Indian and Pacific ocean, Bali is surrounded by tropical sandy beaches and is rated one of the worlds top surfing locations. Bali blends spectacular mountain scenery and rugged coastlines with warm and friendly residents. With its colourful picturesque landscape of hills and mountains, lush rice terraces and barren volcanic hillsides it is not surprising Travel & Leisure Magazine previously awarded Bali the World’s Best Island.

About the Placement:

You will join the Act Global team participating in projects and workshops as well as delivering your own project. We try to work with volunteers to find out their skills and passions and then build projects around these, so whether you are or enjoy dancing, environmental work, art, teaching, sport, making videos ete, we will support you to develop projects around this. We have lots of networks and contacts in the local area so can support a wide range of activities, what we do ask is that while on placement you write a monthy blog to let other know what you are doing and take part in regular team meetings. This is a full time placement of 30 hours per week.

Accommodation and Working Environment: Volunteers will stay in one of two houses we have located 5 mins walk from the office. You will live in one of the international house with other volunteers from other parts of the world, both houses have shared bath rooms, kitchen, washing machine) and living space. Some rooms are singles but other are shared (max 2 people per room).

Our office which we call Global House is a converted residential house in the south of Denpasar. A beautiful location surrounded by rice fields our office provides a working space for volunteer to plan and some times deliver their projects. Additional to this with we open part of the office up as a youth center for young people in the local area, giving them a space to relax and socialize with others. We also have a liberty for young people to study, give presentations or even hold debates.

Costs: We host volunteers both private and grant-funded volunteers. Costs will depend on length of stay. If you wish to come privately please email bali@act-global.org for further information. However, your placement is funded we will provide with:

  • Accommodation (including all bills)
  • Food allowance and spending money
  • On arrival training
  • Collection and drop off to and from the airport
  • Local transport to any activities and to medical facilities if needed

What we can NOT cover but can give advice on:

  • Travel to and from Bali
  • Local scooter hire
  • Travel insurance
  • replacement of any lost or stolen items
  • Visas and extension
  • External Laundry Costs (Your house has its own washing machine)
  • Telephone calls

Climate: Our volunteer placements are based in Bali, Indonesia which has a constant tropical temperature all year of about 30°C. Being a tropical island Bali only has two seasons: wet and dry.

The wet session in Bali is between October to March and humidity can rise as high as 90%. During this time the island experiences monsoon rains. Although it is the wet season, there are still many dry sunny days and opportunities to go to the beach.

The dry season in Bali is between April to September. Although the temperature still remains around 30°C the humidity declines which makes the island feel a lot cooler with slight winds.

In the highlands of the island the temperatures can drop by around 10°C, making it much cooler. Once you have climatised to the local temperature you will find this area quite cold and need to wear warmer clothes.

Local Travel: We will provide transport for if you need to go places within your volunteer placement activities. Outside of this you will need to arrange your own transport in your free time. Public transportation is very limited so volunteer tend to have to rely on taxi’s, however a number of volunteer choose to hire a scooter during their stay. If you feel this is something you would like to do while you are here then you will need to obtain an international license for riding a motorbike in your own country before arriving, you will also need to make sure that any travel insurance you have covers you for this. Although for our own insurance reasons we can not be responsible for you making this choice and providing you with a bike, we can give you advice on where to hire bikes and the average cost of this.    

Visa: While staying in Indonesia as a volunteer, most people will need a visa and the best type of visa for coming here is called “Sosial Budaya” (Social, Cultural). This type of visa is not available on arrival and needs to be obtained from your nearest Indonesian Consulate. This visa allows volunteers to be in Indonesia for up to 60 days. After this time visas can be extended a maximum of 4 time, each extension allows you up to 30 days more. Once you have exceeded the amounts of times you can extend you will have to leave the country to renew this Sosial Budaya visa, then repeat this process. In our experience the best place to do this is in Singapore and the process takes a minimum of 3 working days. Although we do not cover the costs of the visas for you we will provide you all the support and information you need including letters of invitation.