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Denpasar, Bali, June 2015 (Susanna Diana)

June has always been a special month for me.  Maybe because the summer begins and there is a very big traditional celebration in my village that connects all the community, then there is my birthday (that I used to celebrate with my friends, with floods of beer and presents), a famous international rock festival is hosted in my village, the days get longer and the weather gets better, so you can also start going to the beach.

Well, this June has been really different for me. For the first time I didn’t celebrate my birthday in the usual way (no my friends, no beer, no presents), in Bali is already summer, and I missed the traditional celebration and the rock festival.

It’s been a really busy month for me, probably the best month of this EVS experience. I started the month with different activities: last Italian class in Mustika School, Intercultural event in the same school and the last activity in Yappa Orphanage. I enjoyed the activities so much: I learnt how to dance Macedonian and Estonian dance, I discovered that the games that I thought were from Italy are really from the Mediterranean countries ( also French and Spanish volunteers know them ) and I learnt something more about other European countries and their traditions.

In this month I also attended the second module of the EuroAsi Training and I took part to Trashstock Festival.

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But the thing that makes this month so special for me was my first free week: after eight months of saving money for it, I finally went on trip to Java with Emanuele.

After 22 hours in the bus we finally arrived to the nice city of Yogyakarta. I spent my birthday wandering around on a pedicab (becak), bargaining in the colorful Jalan Malioboro, walking blindfolded between the two giant banana trees in Alun-Alun garden to make a wish, and chatting with locals. Then, the trip continued with a visit to two majestic temples close to Yogyakarta; afterwards, for the first time I saw a volcano (two volcanos!) and I went down for 200 metres in the crater  of Kawah Ijien, to admire the unique blue sulfur flame. The trip was rich of adventures and we met lots of travelers; some of them kindly hosted us but, as usual, some other people (police included) tried to trick us giving us wrong information and asking for higher prices.

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This wonderful month ended with a relaxing weekend spent in the East of Bali, where I had the opportunity to visit the famous Tirta Gangga Temple, Amed beach, and spent a really nice time with our neighbor, some of the other volunteers and some CouchSurfers.




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