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Workshop: Learning How to Edit Animation Videos Using Canva

, (Nona Au Waling)

Today’s digital world has been changing our way of life in many aspects including marketing. The online advertisement comes in many forms, such as copywriting, pictures, and videos. It forces business owners to market their products online. With little knowledge about online media, it will be harder for business owners to develop. With this problem, comes a solution, is a digital-based online design media with a mission to encourage everyone in the world to design anything and publish it anywhere. There are two types of Canva, the original Canva, and the Pro Canva. Andrianes Pinantoan as head of growth Canva international said that “Canva introduces itself to social media marketers, bloggers and SMEs in Indonesia by empowering them to create their own creative and attractive designs.”

With the opportunity to learn about this application, Act Global Indonesia opened up opportunities for the public to join an online workshop on how to edit animation videos using Canva on April 30, 2021. The speaker in this workshop was Ni Nyoman Pudak Sari who is the CEO of Smookah Smoke Bomb Bali and the Social Media Manager at the Karma Group.

The workshop had several learning points as follow:

  1. Get to know Canva and its features
  2. Learning video editing using Canva

The course of the workshop begins with a briefing about the sessions in the workshop and introductions from the speaker. The workshop began with an introduction to Canva’s features.

There are several important features that participants should know about Canva, namely:

  1. Templates, in the template feature, users can choose the type of visual content according to their needs. After selecting the suitable template, users can also add logos and text to the selected template’s display.
  2. Upload, the function of the Upload feature on Canva is to add a logo in the form of an image or video and audio from the user’s media like from a smartphone or PC.
  3. Photos, Canva provides free photos as well that users can use or just to give inspiration. Pro Canva of course has better photo options than the free version. But users can still use photos from the Original Canva well enough.
  4. Elements, to get an attractive visual as in GIF, or a simple smartphone design display for products, users can use elements features to make the design more attractive.
  5. Text, Canva users can add or edit text with fonts and designs of their interest using the Text feature, to make the user’s Text more attractive, users can add the Animated feature found on the user’s Canva work page.
  6. Audio, to make video animation more interesting, users can add audio available on the Canva work page. If users want to use audio from a PC or smartphone, users can add audio via the Upload feature.
  7. Videos, some videos can be used for free on Canva users’ work pages. In this Video feature, after the video has been selected, users can use the crop feature or add text to the user’s video.
  8. Background, Canva provides free backgrounds that can be used. If this user is highlighting the product against the background, set the transparency level on the background screen of the user’s Canva work page.
  9. More, in this feature Canva users can add some direct access to user store location, users can click the Google Maps logo that is shown then marking store location points so that they can be accessed by consumers. 

At the end of the session, we also practiced directly on the Canva which was shared by the speaker on the Zoom screen so that participants can easily follow. The workshop ended with a photo session with the participants who had participated. 

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