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World Mental Health Day: Simple Way to Make Life Less Stress

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Have you ever felt like you don’t get excited? like waking up for a day and you felt nothing to wonder? All the schedules and plans seem to be boring? hmm, be careful, you could be suffering from mental health disorders. Let’s find out why it happens and what you need to do.

Lately, people seem strating to understand how important mental health is. but, some people also seem to not understand what mental health really is, and part of them perhaps has mental health problems but they do not know it yet or they are too shy to admit it.  A simple sign to detect a mental health issue is when someone likes to procrastinate something and lie in bed rather than doing their actual task.

Someone with mental health problems always finds an excuse to procrastinate. they always ended up canceling their work. If this happens regularly and eventually impairs other activities. Psychological research found that procrastination arises due to a severe sense of inferiority in the subconscious. One of them is excessive worry about not understanding a task and not being able to do it, causing a procrastination attitude.

From the research of several people who experience serious procrastination habits, they are detected to have critical stress or depression. According to Kompas, October 2019, one in 10 Indonesians experiences mental health disorders, ranging from anxiety disorders and depression to severe mental health disorders. Many still ignore the signs of mental health disorders. Often people give a rejection or denial response because judging mental health problems is still a shameful negative stigma.

Most of the first response that appears is to underestimate certain symptoms, and in the end, you find that your mental health is disturbed. Here are the steps that you can follow or apply when you experience mild mental health issues:

  1. Become a more open person, Try to be more open and willing to communicate what you are experiencing or are hiding. With this open attitude, it hoped that you will feel more relieved and find a way out of your own problems. Because being open is not a weakness, but a way to help us think positively in knowing ourselves.
  2. Stay Active, Active means that you can be in the form of physical exercise or light activities that make our bodies move and secrete endorphins that function as pain relievers and create a positive atmosphere. Try to use exercise or physical is not as a compulsion but can make your days more fun.
  3. Develop a Hobby, Developing what we are interested in is something that is not difficult to do because it is easier to do what we love to do, developing a hobby can also reduce feelings of stress and minimize mental health problems.
  4. Relaxation and get enough rest, In addition to keeping the body in shape, stretching or relaxation can also tense the body muscles and balanced, and getting enough rest is also useful to maintain the mood so that we feel better.
  5. Adequate nutrition, Fulfilling the nutritional needs of the body by eating healthy foods, besides that, is also balanced with a clean and healthy lifestyle.

Well, from some of the tips above you can help to overcome and prevent mental health issues. It hoped that by commemorating Mental Health Day we can be more aware or sensitive to others and the environment so that the issue of mental health disorders is reduced, hopefully, it will be useful.
Happy mental health day!


Written by Sasmita

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