Youth Network for Social Entrepreneurship Local Conference

Youth Network for Social Entrepreneurship Local Conference

Coworking Legian, 27 January 2018 (Public)


On Saturday, the 27th of January 2018, we organised a local Conference about our new international project at Coworking Legian in Bali. The event was attended by various circles, ranging from young people, students, business owners and professionals working for community groups or NGOs, blogger, journalist and public sector. The event began with the introduction of each participant and organization, then we explained the local and international programs that would be implemented. After the program’s explanation, some volunteers shared their experiences during volunteering with Act Global.

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Local and International Projects that can be followed by volunteers include: Training Course, Conference, Study Visit, Job Shadowing, Local Bootcamp, and EVS Project. The latest project is Youth Network for Social Entrepreneurship with a duration of 24 months starting September 2017 – August 2019. We also explained the project in cooperation with other organizations from Portugal, Italy, Spain, Greece and India. The projects aims to promote a deep reflection on how to motivate NEETs (Not in Education, Employment & Training) to participate, creating specific tools and strategies that support the youth workers in the fight against youth unemployment.  The young people will have access to entrepreneurship training and will learn how to manage a real business through an innovative business simulation game. The young people will also work in international teams that will allow them to establish their first business network.



Youth Network for Social Entrepreneurship is divided into three stages; first: preparation, second: implementation, and third: evaluation and follow-up. The activities to be undertaken in this project are Training Course in Italy and Greece, Territorial Bootcamp in each country, Youth Exchange in Spain, Youth Academy set up in each local countries, EVS in Europe and Asia, Conference and Final Evaluation in Portugal. 

Act Global also gives an opportunity to anyone who wants to join the project, please directly scan the barcode below and follow the next instruction by filling out the form provided. For now, the application is limited only for volunteers domiciled in Bali.

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Forms can be accessed via



All in all, it was a fun, meaningful event. We hope that the participants learned how to look at issues from a different perspective, and were motivated to engage fully with the social cause.

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