Youth Network for Social Entrepreneurship: Mid-Term Meeting

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Bali, January 2019 ()

Youth Network for Social Entrepreneurship is a-two-years capacity building project, funded by European Commission through Erasmus+ programme. Since its kick-off meeting in India in November 2017, the project has been running for more than half of its period and the mid-term meeting in Bali, Indonesia gave a chance to reflect and evaluating the implementation of the running project while at the same time discussing the activities in the remainder of the project.


During the seven days meeting, six partners from Europe and Asia (SYnergia – Portugal, Scambieuripei – Italy, Alter Ego – Greece, Asociacion Cultural Euroaccion – Spain, FSL – India, and Act Global – Indonesia) were not only give updates about the volunteers in each country and the projects they are working on as part of their EVS, but also the result of the initial local conference and the local boot camps which have happened last year. Aside from the Youth Network for Social Entrepreneurship project, the six partners also planning another project as the continuation of the running project about social entrepreneurship.

The representations from 5 countries also had an opportunity to enjoy Bali and its glorious nature. For one day, they went to visit some attractions in Bali to refresh their minds from the meeting.



By the end of the 7-days meeting, there was a press conference attended by media and local young people at Rumah Pintar, a co-working space funded by the government. Rumah Pintar also becomes Act Global base camp where Act Global holds its weekly meeting and events. On this occasion, Mariana, the representative from Portugal explained the objective and the goal of the project, which is to fight youth unemployment by creating specific tools and strategies for youth workers in the field of social entrepreneurship. She gave details of the project, what has been achieved during the 1,5 years since the kick-off meeting, and the activities remained before the final evaluation and dissemination. She specified one of the main goals of this project is to create Youth Academic in each participant’s country as a space for young people who want to learn and start their own social entrepreneurship project. All the tools from the Youth Academic will also be published online as not to limit the knowledge only to those who attend the Youth Academic and give a broader effect to youth workers all over the world. Each of the partners was given time to explain the missions of their organization and the projects they have done in their respective countries.



The partners also had a chance to visit Global House, the house where the EVS volunteers reside in Bali and witnessed some of the local volunteers’ activities.

The mid-term meeting was closed with a seafood feast in Jimbaran, an area in Bali famous for its seafood.

The mid-term training in Bali wasn’t only about discussing the Youth Network for Social Entrepreneurship but also planning another project as the continuance of the running project. It also gave the partners an opportunity to witness the activities of the volunteers, both local and the EVS.

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